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This or that questions for kids

  1. Roblox or Minecraft?
  2. iPad or TV?
  3. Mom or Dad?
  4. Sister or Brother?
  5. Chicken or Beef?
  6. Chocolate or Vanilla?
  7. Funnier, Farts or Poop?
  8. Day or Night?
  9. Scarier, Zombie or Monster?
  10. Skittles or M&Ms?
  11. Unicorn or Mermaid?
  12. Dragons or Knights?
  13. Disney or Universal Studios?
  14. Batman or Superman?
  15. Swimming Pool or Ocean?
  16. Summer or Winter?
  17. Alexander Hamilton or Alexander Graham Bell?
  18. Console or VR?
  19. Lipstick or Nail Polish?
  20. Hat or Sunscreen?
  21. Rice or Bread?
  22. Tomato or Cream Pasta Sauce?
  23. Popsicle or Ice Cream?
  24. Flipflops or Sandals?
  25. Lemon or Lime?
  26. Goldfish or Cheez-Its?
  27. Peanuts or Almonds?
  28. Chicken Wings or Chicken Fingers?
  29. Basketball or Soccer?
  30. Magician or Wizard?
  31. Princess or Queen?
  32. Cat or Dog?
  33. Gummy Bear or Gummy Worm?
  34. Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny?
  35. Butterfly or Dragonfly?
  36. Dinosaurs or Cars?
  37. Dolls or Make Up?
  38. Target or Walmart?
  39. Birthday or Christmas?
  40. Cash or Amazon Gift Card?
  41. Scarier, Sharks or Alligators?
  42. Cuter, Babies or Puppies?
  43. Singing or Dancing?
  44. Laptop or Cellphone?
  45. Nintendo Switch or Tablet?
  46. Gold or Diamond?
  47. Apple or Samsung?
  48. Luigi or Mario?
  49. Cinderella or Snow White?
  50. Minecraft, Steve or Alex?
  51. Fire Fighter or Police Officer?
  52. Ballerina or Actor/Actress?
  53. Helicopter or Airplane?
  54. Fire or Water?
  55. Pajamas or Naked?
  56. Shower or Bath?
  57. Apple Juice or Orange Juice?
  58. Pancakes or Waffles?
  59. Blueberries or Strawberries?
  60. Bacon or Sausages?
  61. Grandmom or Granddad?
  62. Vacation or More Screen Time?
  63. Snow or Rain?
  64. Bicycle or Scooter?
  65. Math or Science?
  66. Eating Out or Eating In?
  67. Pepperoni Pizza or Cheese Pizza?
  68. Hug or Snuggle?
  69. Bunny or Kitten?
  70. Lego or Playmobil?
  71. Sour Patch or Swedish Fish?
  72. Carrot or Broccoli?
  73. Hurricane or Blizzard?
  74. Fudge or Brownie?
  75. Octopus or Squid?
  76. Friends or Siblings?
  77. Nike or Adidas?
  78. Train or Boat?
  79. Tickle or Jokes?
  80. Parkour or Skateboard?
  81. Fork or Fingers?
  82. Coke or Sprite?
  83. Buttons or Zippers?
  84. Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts?
  85. Hulk or Spiderman?
  86. Rollercoasters or Zip Line?
  87. Golf or Tennis?
  88. Ice Skate or Roller Skate?
  89. Amusement Park or Water Park?
  90. Piano or Guitar?
  91. Bouncy House or Trampoline?
  92. Chimney or Fireplace?
  93. Mosquitos or Bees?
  94. Space or Earth?
  95. Snow Tubing or Water Slide Tubing?
  96. No School or No Homework?
  97. Doctor or a Dentist?
  98. French Fries or Macaroni and Cheese?
  99. Concert or Movie?
  100. Movie at Home or Theater?
  101. Vans or Converse?
  102. Rhinoceros or Hippopotamus?
  103. Painting or Coloring?
  104. Trucks or Sports Cars?
  105. Pudding or Jell-O?
  106. String Cheese or Melted Cheese?
  107. Pirates or Ninjas?
  108. Wash Dishes or Do Laundry?
  109. Wipe your mouth with: Napkins or Your Clothes?
  110. Chocolate or Caramel?
  111. Sleeping in the Desert or Igloo?
  112. Resort or Cruise Ship?
  113. Mansion or Luxury RV?
  114. Rubik’s Cube or Cross Word Puzzles?
  115. Hair Cut or Nails Trimmed?
  116. Flight or Invisibility?
  117. Rich or Intelligent?
  118. Oreos or Chocolate Chip Cookies?
  119. Singer or Rapper?
  120. Old School or Modern?
  121. Smart or Strong?
  122. Funny or Popular?
  123. YouTube or Netflix?
  124. Plants or Animals?
  125. Couch or Bed?
  126. Bench or Chair?
  127. Wood or Plastic?
  128. Hockey or Baseball?
  129. Playground or Mall?
  130. Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison?
  131. Refrigerator or Freezer?
  132. Play-Doh or Food Coloring?
  133. Solid or Liquid?
  134. Gum or Lollipop?
  135. Boogie Board or Sandcastle?
  136. Ponytails or Braids?
  137. Dress or Jewelry?
  138. Chickens or Roosters?
  139. Roblox or Fortnite?
  140. Hail or Rainstorm?
  141. Smurfs or Peanuts
  142. Charlie Brown or Snoopy
  143. Glass or Plastic
  144. Watch Videos or Play Games
  145. Good or Evil
  146. Delicious Food or Candy
  147. Pop Music or Rock Music?
  148. Be Giant or Tiny?
  149. Hard Candy or Gummy Candy?
  150. Pen or Pencil?
  151. Fruit or Vegetable?
  152. Rice or Bread?
  153. Broccoli or Lettuce?
  154. Laptop or iPad?
  155. Cartoons or Comic Books?
  156. No Sleep or No Eating?
  157. Lions or Tigers?
  158. Dark or Bright?
  159. Toys or Pets?
  160. Shovel or Hammer?
  161. Earth or New Planet?
  162. Magic Tricks or Funny Jokes?
  163. Big Family or Small Family?
  164. Running in the Heat or Swimming in the Icy Cold Water?
  165. Jet Ski or Motorcycle?
  166. Skateboard or Snowboard?
  167. Snuggle with Pets or Parents?
  168. Hammer or Saw?
  169. Burp or Fart?
  170. Baby Red Panda or Baby Monkey?
  171. RV Trip or Themed Hotel?
  172. Potato Chips or French Fries?
  173. Home or School?
  174. Mario or Sonic?
  175. Fish or Meat?
  176. Cake or Cupcake?
  177. Water Guns or Water Balloons?
  178. Sun or Moon?
  179. Play-Doh or Slime?
  180. Chipmunks or Squirrels?
  181. Booger or Ear Wax?
  182. Curry or Soup?
  183. Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Wings?
  184. Donald Duck or Goofy?
  185. Ducklings or Chicks?
  186. Naps or Playgrounds?
  187. Dessert Before or After Meal?
  188. Fuzzy Blanket or Fuzzy Stuffed Animals?
  189. S’mores or Hot Cocoa?
  190. Carpet or Tiled Floor?
  191. Sugar or Salt?
  192. Black Beans or Jellybeans?
  193. Flipflops or Sneakers?
  194. Honey or Maple Syrup?
  195. Chicken or Turkey?
  196. Forest or Jungle?
  197. School or Homeschool?
  198. Uno or Monopoly?
  199. Desert or Ocean?
  200. Camping or Glamping?
  201. Archery or Shooting?
  202. Piano or Violin?
  203. Steep Waterslides or Rollercoasters?
  204. Class Clown or Quiet One?
  205. Sunflower Seeds or Pistachios?
  206. Wireless Headphones or Wired Headphones?
  207. Drama Club or Music Club?
  208. Yolk or White Part of Egg?
  209. Umbrella or Raincoat?
  210. Ground or Sea?
  211. Subway or Taxi?
  212. Car or Chopper?
  213. Flying or Exploring the Ocean?
  214. Airplane Window Seat or Aisle Seat?
  215. Slide or Swing?
  216. Feed Manatee or Giraffe?
  217. Board Games or Video Games?
  218. Play Inside or Outside?
  219. Painting or Coloring?
  220. Axe or Chain Saw?
  221. Tubing or Canoeing?
  222. In Hot Weather, Ice-Cold Watermelon or Ice-Cold Lemonade?
  223. Cereal or Cereal Bar?
  224. DIY Using a Box, Superhero Costume or Transformer?
  225. Wash Cars or Sell Lemonade?
  226. Monster Truck Rally or Wrestling Match?
  227. Red Car or Blue Car?
  228. Missile or Torpedo?
  229. Submarine or Jet?
  230. Instagram or TikTok?
  231. Become a Comedian or a Businessman?
  232. Garden or Farm?
  233. Golden Retriever or Husky?
  234. Grey or Yellow Pupil?
  235. High Speed Train or Two-Level Bus?
  236. Eat Bugs or Snake?
  237. Bottle Flip or Handstands?
  238. Away from Home or Away from Screens for a Week?
  239. Friends or Money?
  240. When Angry, Throw Things or Scream?
  241. Basement or Attic?
  242. Worst On Pizza, Banana or Tuna?
  243. Goats or Bunnies?
  244. Reese’s or Snickers?
  245. Jumping Rope or Hula Hooping?
  246. Big Nate or Diary of a Wimpy Kid?
  247. Hoodie or Sweater?
  248. Salad or Grilled Vegetables?
  249. Climbing Trees or Rock Walls?
  250. Provolone or Cheddar?
  251. Mustard or Ketchup?
  252. Couch or Lazy Boy?
  253. Tap Water or Bottled Water?
  254. Chinese or Mexican Food?
  255. McDonald’s or Burger King?
  256. Pink or Purple Hair?
  257. Park or Splash Pad?
  258. Crab or Lobster?
  259. Gingerbread Man or Gingerbread House?
  260. Ski or Snowboard?
  261. Pork Of Beef?
  262. X Wing or Millennium Falcon?
  263. Swimming with Fins or Floaty?
  264. For a Pet, Parrot or Monkey?
  265. Recycling or Picking Up Trash?
  266. Salmon or Tuna?
  267. Paper Books or eBooks?
  268. Spiders or Lizards?
  269. Chocolate Chip Cookies or Sugar Cookies?
  270. Learn How to Cook Pizza or Bake a Cake?
  271. Manicure Party or Tea Party with a Princess?
  272. Cookie Dough or Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream?
  273. Crispy Cream or Dunkin Donut?
  274. Uncle or Aunt?
  275. Jumping on the Couch or Playing with Grown Up’s Stuff?
  276. Shower in the Morning or Evening?
  277. Noodles or Bread?
  278. Fried Shrimp or Fried Fish?
  279. Playing Tag or Hide and Seek?
  280. Snowball Fights or Snowman?
  281. Snorkeling or Surf?
  282. Homework or Housework?
  283. Coin or Bill?
  284. Bowl or Plate?
  285. Octopus Kite or Spaceship? Kite
  286. Zoo or Aquarium?
  287. Starfish or Sea Cucumber?
  288. Grilled Corn or Corn with Cheese?
  289. Chase a Rabbit or a Squirrel?
  290. Ball or Doll?
  291. Green or Purple Grapes?
  292. Looking at Stars or Clouds?
  293. Snails or Ladybugs?
  294. Disco Lights or Disco Music?
  295. Bee or Butterfly?
  296. Whale or Dolphin?
  297. Puddles or Sprinklers?
  298. Comb or Brush?
  299. Claws or Paws?
  300. Ice Cream Cone or Ice Cream Cup?
  301. Triangle or Rectangle?
  302. Frog or Toad?
  303. Pleather Jacket or Faux Fur Coat?
  304. Smile or Laugh?
  305. Piggy Bank or Treasure Box?
  306. Playing with Blocks or Magnets?
  307. Tractor Ride or Pony Ride?
  308. Train a Bear or a Lion?
  309. Knock Knock Jokes or Mad Libs?
  310. From a Fair, Cotton Candy or Elephant Ear?
  311. Fishing in a Pond or a Lake?
  312. Go to the Future or the Past?
  313. Tree House or Zipline at Home?
  314. Pies or Muffins?
  315. Bubbles or Chalk?
  316. Grosser, Rats or Cockroach?
  317. Pretzel or Baguette?
  318. Coral Reef or Volcano?
  319. Cactus or Thorny Bush?
  320. Narwhal or Orca?
  321. Gloves or Mittens?
  322. Cheeseburgers or Bean Burgers?
  323. Excavator or Forklift?
  324. Covered with Bees or Ants?
  325. Swords or Bows & Arrows?
  326. Castles or Towers?
  327. Pelican or Stork?
  328. Learn to Make a Fire or Catch a Bird?
  329. Snowflake or Cornflake?
  330. Gum or Jellybeans?
  331. Cave or Tunnel?
  332. Corndog or Hotdog?
  333. Watermelon or Cantaloupe?
  334. Breakfast or Dinner?
  335. Coyote or Wolf?
  336. Captain of an Airplane or Sailboat?
  337. Pool Noodle or Inflatable Chair?
  338. Microwave or Oven?
  339. Palm Tree or Pine Tree?
  340. Stingray or Horseshoe Crab?
  341. Seal or Sea Lion?
  342. Lay’s or Pringles?
  343. Gumball or Toy Machine?
  344. Green or Yellow Apples?
  345. Limousine or Yacht?
  346. Trophy or Medal?
  347. Clownfish or Horsefish?
  348. White Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes?
  349. Watering Can or Water Hose?
  350. Whistle or Horn?
  351. Elevator or Escalator?
  352. Paper Clips or Pushpins?
  353. Helium or Oxygen?
  354. Cardinal or Blue Jay?
  355. East or West?
  356. Tarantula or King Cobra?
  357. Sunflowers or Roses?
  358. Tent or Cabin?
  359. Tank or Cannon?
  360. Squirt Gun or Nerf Gun?
  361. Globe or Hourglass?
  362. Purse or Backpack?
  363. Harmonica or Recorder?
  364. String or Yarn?
  365. Catfish or Eel?
  366. Hot Air Balloon or Parachuting?
  367. Bell Pepper or Mushrooms?
  368. Ping Pong or Pickle Ball?
  369. Brick House or Metal House?
  370. Tape or Glue?
  371. Sweet or Dill Pickles?
  372. Poodle or Chihuahua?
  373. Parties or Amazon Packages?
  374. Unicycle or Yo-Yo?
  375. Keys or Electric Locks?
  376. Smarter, Crow or Octopus?
  377. Study Maps or Rocks?
  378. Skunk or Porcupine?
  379. Solar Systems or Black Holes?
  380. Circus or Maze?
  381. Chess or Checkers?
  382. Pinecones or Acorns?
  383. Astronaut or President?
  384. Crayon or Watercolor Paint?
  385. Cape or Mask?
  386. Louder, Parent Snoring or Lawn Mower?
  387. Seashell or Shark Teeth Necklace?
  388. Brain or Heart?
  389. Hummingbirds or Bats?
  390. Roll a Barrel or Big Tire?
  391. More Dangerous, Quicksand or Running on the Roof?
  392. Hunter or Fisherman?
  393. Drilling or Hammering?
  394. Fairies or Leprechauns?
  395. Detention or Note Home to Parents?
  396. Water Hose or Water Balloons?
  397. Pencil or Pen?
  398. Touchscreen or Controller?
  399. Juice or Soda?
  400. Cartoon or Live Action?

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