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Interesting Conversation Topics

Below we’ve got some interesting conversation topics for your enjoyment. The conversation questions span a wide variety of conversation topics. Everything from journalism to dieting. Perfect for getting some interesting conversations started!

Take a look and see if there is a topic you are interested in. If you can’t find anything you might try our 250 conversation starters page that also has some questions listed by topic or our topics to talk about page.

Beauty Conversation Starters

Beauty is all around us, and strangely we probably couldn’t live without it. But can beauty be defined? Maybe or maybe not, but at least you can explore the idea of beauty by having a discussion with these conversation questions about beauty.

  1. What makes a person beautiful to you?
  2. Where is the most beautiful place you have been?
  3. What is the most beautiful song you have heard?
  4. What features make a natural area beautiful?
  5. What makes a piece of art beautiful to you?
  6. Are there any striking examples of beauty in art?
  7. How does the absence of beauty affect people?
  8. What is the most beautiful thing in your life?
  9. How have standards of beauty changed over the years?
  10. Why do humans find things other than humans beautiful? How does it help us?
  11. Can products be beautiful? What makes a product beautiful? What is the most beautiful product you own?
  12. Is beauty only in the eye of the beholder, or can we say some things are universally beautiful?

Challenges Conversation Starters

Time to talk about some of the challenges you have faced and that others have faced. We all face challenges, some more than others. Find out more about the challenges that friends and family have faced with these conversation questions.

  1. What is a challenge you would never want to face?
  2. What is the most challenging job you can think of?
  3. What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced?
  4. What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now?
  5. Do you think that challenges improve a person’s character?
  6. What was the most challenging thing about your childhood?
  7. What are the biggest challenges your country is facing right now?
  8. Do you think living in the present is more or less challenging than living in the past? Why?
  9. What are some big challenges that people have overcome that you have heard of?
  10. Do you enjoy overcoming challenges or do you prefer things to be easy? Why?
  11. Do you think that the challenges you have faced over your life have made you a better or worse person?

Dieting Conversation Starters

Dieting is a pain. But even though it’s a pain, it’s incredibly common and fuels a multi-billion dollar industry. If you haven’t tried dieting, most of your friends probably have. So here are some questions about dieting, enjoy!

  1. What is the craziest diet you’ve heard of?
  2. What diets have you tried?
  3. Is dieting healthy or unhealthy?
  4. What diets are popular now?
  5. Is dieting an effective way to lose weight and keep it off?
  6. Why do you think there are so many diet trends?
  7. Will there ever be a miracle weight loss solution?
  8. Do you know anyone who has lost a lot of weight on a diet? Have they keep the weight off?
  9. For most of history dieting to lose weight would have seemed insane. Is it a victory or a failure for our society that we have progressed to the point were we have so much food that dieting is a multi-billion dollar industry?
  10. Should businesses be allowed to make losing weight mandatory for employees who are costing the business money in missed days due to weight related health issues?

Conversation Starters about Family

You can pick your friends but for better or for worse you can’t pick your family. Take a look at some questions about your family and families in society. Just be sure to keep it civil, I don’t want to be blamed for any family arguments.

  1. Who in your family are you most like?
  2. Who is the most generous person in your family?
  3. How have family roles changed from the past?
  4. Do you like going to family gatherings? Why or why not?
  5. Who is the most interesting person in your extended family?
  6. Have you ever been to any large family reunions? How did it go?
  7. How often do you see your parents? How about your extended family?
  8. What is the best and worst thing about your family or extended family?
  9. How has your family shaped your personality and who you turned out to be?
  10. How important are strong family ties to you? Are strong family ties more or less important that close friendships?
  11. What would growing up in an ideal family environment look like? Do you think that anyone grew up in an ideal family environment?

Friendship Conversation Starters

Friendship one of the most important things to have for a fulfilling life. It’s definitely hard to put a price on a good friend. Have a conversation about friendship using these questions about your friends and friendship in general.

  1. What quality do you value most in your friends?
  2. Are you a good friend? Why or why not?
  3. What is the best way to meet new friends?
  4. What is the most annoying type of friend?
  5. What separates true friends from acquaintances?
  6. Who is your oldest friend? How did you meet them?
  7. Who is your strangest friend? What makes them strange?
  8. What are the most common reasons for friendships to fall apart?
  9. Do you make friends easily or do you find it difficult to make new friends?
  10. Are any of your friends completely opposite to you or are most of them similar to you?
  11. What’s a big favor you have done for a friend? How about a big favor that a friend has done for you?

Gift Conversation Starters

Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts. It’s one of those things that is common across all cultures. So here is my gift to you, I hope you enjoy these conversation questions about gifts!

  1. What do you think of homemade gifts?
  2. Is it really only the thought that counts?
  3. Do you prefer to receive money or a gift? Why?
  4. Do you enjoy shopping for gifts? Why or why not?
  5. What is a creative gift you have given or received?
  6. Have you ever received a strange gift? What was it?
  7. Who in your family gives good gifts? How about bad gifts?
  8. Is gift giving common among all human cultures? Why?
  9. Does it matter how a gift is wrapped or is it only the gift that matters?
  10. Can you think of any examples of animals that give gifts? Why do they do it?

Journalism Conversation Starters

Journalism helps shape how people view the world and can make or break the careers of those in the public eye. Here are some great questions delving into journalism, journalists, and the future of journalism. Enjoy!

  1. How can journalism be improved?
  2. Is being a journalist a respectable job?
  3. Is journalism dying or becoming more important?
  4. How much legal protection should journalists have?
  5. What kinds of corruption are found in journalism?
  6. What platform will the next generation of journalists use?
  7. What characteristics are important for a journalist to have?
  8. Now anyone can be a journalist. Is this a good or bad thing? Why?
  9. How do journalists serve society? Are they doing a good job of serving society now?
  10. How accountable should journalists be to making sure the news they are reporting is accurate? Should they be jailed for falsifying the news or reporting misleading news?

Personality Conversation Starters

Our personalities are what the outside world uses to judge us and they greatly influence our interactions with others. So isn’t it worthwhile to have a conversation about something that holds so much sway over our lives?

  1. Can a person change their personality?
  2. What personality traits make a good leader?
  3. What personality trait do you wish you had?
  4. What personality traits in other people do you hate?
  5. Which of your personality traits has been the most useful?
  6. What is the most annoying personality trait someone can have?
  7. What is the best aspect of your personality? How about the worst aspect?
  8. Where do our personalities come from? How much of personality is genetic and how much is from the environment?
  9. How about the personalities of some of your friends and family? What are the good, bad, and strange aspects of their personalities?
  10. How would you describe your personality? How would other people describe your personality, the same or different?

Space Conversation Starters

Now here is a big topic to get into! Space, the final frontier. The sheer vastness of space boggles the mind but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an interesting conversation about it! Here are some questions to get you started…

  1. What are some fun things you could do in zero-g?
  2. What is the most interesting thing you know about space?
  3. What is the most important thing for astronomers to be researching?
  4. Do you think space tourism will be big in the near future? Why or why not?
  5. Would you ever join a mission to colonize another planet if it meant never returning to earth?
  6. Where would you most like to travel in space? Assuming you could go there instantly and survive the harsh conditions.

You can use these space trivia questions to start a good conversation about space as well!

Success and Failure Conversation Starters

We all have our successes and failures. They make us who we are and are often the lens through which people view us. Use these conversation starters to have a great conversation about success and failure.

  1. Have you ever turned a failure into a win?
  2. What is the most recent success you’ve had?
  3. What is the best criteria to measure success by?
  4. What is the next big success you are working towards?
  5. Are there any failures in your life you are proud of?
  6. What is your biggest success? How about your biggest failure?
  7. What are some successes you’ve had in your personal life?
  8. What are some failures you’ve had in your professional life?
  9. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a failure?
  10. Do you usually learn from your failures or do you keep repeating them?
  11. Who is the most successful person you know of? How about the most successful person you know personally?

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