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Yes or No Questions

Here are 150 yes or no questions to use in games, to ask rapid fire, or just to start a conversation. 

We have some getting to know you questions, some personal questions, and some more serious questions.

We also have a page of closed ended questions with more examples.

Getting to know you questions

Are you punctual? 

Do you workout?

Do you like to eat different / new types of food?

Can you touch your toes?

Do you use social media everyday?

Do you leave the tv on for background noise?

Are you a night owl?

Can you dance well?

Do you like singing?

Do you like going to concerts?

Are you a movie goer?

Do you like traveling?

Do you enjoy learning new languages?

Do you like binging shows?

Can you ski?

Are you good at fixing things?

Do you enjoy reading books?

Can you swim?

Are you good at thinking out of the box?

Do you have a pet?

Are you hot blooded?

Do you enjoy sunbathing?

Do you have tattoos?

Do you drink coffee?

Are you a vegetarian?

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Do you have a sibling/siblings?

Do you enjoy winter sports?

Do you meditate?

Do you play any musical instruments?

Have you been abroad?

Do you like insects?

Are you an introvert?

Do you like your boss?

Are you a homebody?

Do you inspire other people around you?

Do you like romantic comedies?

Are you a rule follower?

Do you listen to podcasts?

Do you enjoy watching reality shows?

Do you exaggerate when you tell a story?

Have you fasted for 24 hours or more?

Are you a fairly optimistic person?

Do you like playing video games?

Do you like novelty?

Are you good at organizing things?

Do you have a problem with throwing things away?

Are you sarcastic?

Do you have any phobias?

Are you a coordinated person?

Have you invested in stocks?

Do you like camping?

Do you give people second chances?

Do you like mayonnaise with fries?

Can you tolerate flaky friends?

Are looks more important than personality?

Do you enjoy making small talk?

Would you go off social media for a month?

Do you feel energized talking to new people?

Do you agree that it’s hard to change?

Do you cry during movies?

Do you enjoy water activities?

Have you heard that you are stubborn?

Do you admit when you are wrong?

Can you pick up a pea with chopsticks?

Can you catch a fly with your hand in midair?

Are you up to date on Hollywood news?

Do you enjoy arguing with people?

Do you trust people easily?

Have you ever given someone a wedgie?

Do you like going out?

Have you ever joined a social club?

Do you enjoy going to museums?

Are you a fast learner?

Is you job rewarding?

Do you know how to change a tire?

Do you like to be alone?

Do you watch the news?

Do you have a long term goal in your life?

Are you likely to take other people’s advice?

Do you believe in astrology?

Do you collect anything?

Have you watched any movies more than 5 times?

Personal questions

Have you been stood up on a first date?

Is education more important than common sense?

Have you been married before?

Have you gotten into a physical fight?

Have you shoplifted? 

Do you have a dark secret that you haven’t told anyone?

Have you bullied anyone?

Do you believe in God?

Have you picked your nose in public when nobody was looking at you?

Have you cheated before?

Would you rat out a friend to avoid punishment?

Would you lie to get a job you want?

Do you find a partner doing housework sexy?

Would you risk your life for a stranger?

Have you been in a toxic relationship before?

Can you forgive a partner for cheating?

Do you believe in an after life?

Would you try an open relationship?

Would you agree to let your partner check your text messages?

Do you watch porn?

Do you value quality time more than physical touch in a relationship?

Have you gone on a vacation with your ex?

Do you think that married people should be friends and hangout with people of the same gender as their spouse?

Have you ever almost died?

Do you snoop in peoples bathroom cabinets at parties?

Do you have a secret habit?

Have you ever had surgery?

Have you used a bidet?

Have you ever sharted?

Have you had covid?

Do you lie to your doctor?

Have you ever hooked up with a friend’s partner or love interest?

Have you used a pick up line and it actually work?

Serious and political questions

Do you think that parents have more influence on children’s personality and behaviors than friends?

Do you think there is something greater than humans in the universe?

Do you agree that first degree murderers deserve the death penalty?

Do you agree that the decision to have an abortion is up to the government?

Do you think it is fair for rich people to pay a bigger percentage tax?

Is democracy the best way to run a country?

Is human freedom more important than rules?

Do you think that humans are different from animals?

Do you believe that believing in a religion is important?

Are gender roles good for society?

Is addiction a disease?

Should governments provide a safe place for drug addicts to do their drugs?

Should the government to spend our tax money on the arts?

Should guns be banned?

Do you think humans should live to 200?

Is AI safe?

Should parents push their kids towards a certain job?

Should parents stay together for the sake of the children?

Is it forgivable for a parent to raise a kid wrong because that’s how the parent was raised?

Is a city a bad place to raise a child?

Do you think it’s likely that humans will live on another planet in the next 50 years?

Is it worth it to sacrifice a human life for something greater?

Is it right to keep someone on life support if they are brain dead?

Do you believe in alternate universes?

Is it a bad thing to focus on personal happiness rather than society?

Should killing be more acceptable in media than sex?

Do you think that lots of screen time affects children’s behavior?

Do you support a universal basic income?

Is social media a net positive?

Do we have more stress in modern society than our ancestors?

Do humans have free will?

Are humans naturally violent?

Is a mandatory 4 day work week a good idea?